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Be a part of Pradhan Mantri Digital Health Mission. Health ID - Key to your digital healthcare journey. Your Health ID is a hassle-free method of accessing and sharing your health records digitally.

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What is a Health ID?

The national health ID (14-digit number) of an individual will be a repository of all his health-related information. It will help individuals to receive lab reports, prescriptions, and diagnosis digitally from verified health service providers and doctors. Individuals can also link their personal health records with their health ID to have a longitudinal health history.

It is important to note that:


The records will only be accessible with an informed consent of the individuals.


Once the Health ID is generated, individuals will also have an option to generate an alias, which will be similar to an email ID — xyz@ndhm.in with a password. This will make it more accessible to users.

What is a Health ID?
How to create a health ID?
Individuals can create their health ID in 3 easy steps:

Download the eka.care app and sign-up.


Go to “Create Health ID” and authenticate/verify with OTP


Create your PHR address and enter your home address. We have already updated your name, gender and date of birth in the form.

Your Health ID is created and stored in the eka.care App for your future reference.

How to create a health ID?

Why create a Health ID?

Under Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission, a Health ID is the first step towards creating safer and efficient digital health records for you and your family. It provides you with:

Digital Health Records
Access your information right from admission to treatment and discharge in a paperless manner
Consent based access
Access to your health data is provided after your clear and informed consent. You have the ability to manage and revoke consent, if needed.
Secure and Private
Built with robust security and encryption mechanisms and no information is shared without your consent.
Voluntary Opt-In
Participate at your own free will and choose to create your Health ID voluntarily
Personal Health Records (PHR)
Access and link your Personal Health Records (PHR) with Health ID to create longitudinal health history
Inclusive access
Available to people with smartphones, feature phones, and even no phones using assisted methods

Eka Health Care Ecosystem

A digitally enabled and connected healthcare ecosystem for better health outcomes.

Family Profiles
Create Health ID for all your family members
Health Locker
Store your family medical health records
Smart Reports
Create smart longitudinal trends from your records
24x7 Online consultation
Connect with eka multispecialist doctor
Free Self Health-Checks
Assess your health for potential Health conditions
Connected Ecosystem
Integrated with NDHM and CoWin portals
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Fight Against Covid!

A digitally enabled and connected healthcare ecosystem for better health outcomes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Health ID?

Health ID is a randomly generated 14 digit number which is used to uniquely identifying individuals, authenticating them, and threading their health records.

Is the Health ID Unique?

The Health ID is unique to an individual. However, an individual can create multiple IDs and link different set of health records with different IDs. The Government of India, through the NDHM initiative recommends that individuals should create only one Health ID.

How to get a Health ID?

You can create your Health ID by self-registering on eka.care App in less than 3 minutes. The app is available on ios and android playstore. You can also create your Health ID by self-registering on the Health ID web portal or by downloading NDHM Health Records application. Citizen can also create Health ID at participating health facilities.

What all is required to register for a Health ID or create a Health ID?

Health ID can be created by downloading the eka.care app, signing up and using one of the two methods:

  • Through Mobile Number: The portal requires Name, Year of Birth, Gender, Address and Mobile Number
  • Through Aadhaar- The portal requires Name, Year of Birth, Gender, Address, Mobile Number and Aadhaar Number.
Is Aadhaar mandatory to create a Health ID?

No, the Government of India has not made Aadhar mandatory to create Health ID. If you do not wish to use Aadhaar, you can simply use your Mobile Number accompanied with self-declared information to create your Health ID.

Can I use other ID documents to create my Health ID?

Currently, NDHM supports Health ID creation through Mobile number or Aadhaar. As per NDHM, they will soon roll out features which will support Health ID creation with other ID documents such as Driving License, PAN card, etc.

Can I delete my Health ID?

At present users cannot delete their Health ID. However, NDHM will soon be rolling out the option for users to delete their Health ID permanently or deactivate it temporarily. This will enable you to opt out of the digital health ecosystem as you may require.

Will children below 18 years also get a Health ID?

Yes, Health ID for children can be created through the same process as applicable for adults. However, NDHM will soon be rolling out a feature to support special provisions of Health ID for children.

Private and Secure
Assured privacy and security of all health data.
Pan India
Create Health ID from anywhere in India
Easy to use
Excellent user experience crafted for daily usage.

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