Dr. Banu Prakash A.S

Dr. Banu Prakash A.S


completed my surgical training at the PGI, Chandigarh a 3000 bedded multi-disciplinary tertiary referral teaching hospital with case input from adjoining seven states. PGI has aneurysm surgeries of at least two in a day with a commitment for immediate round the clock angio diagnosis and immediate surgery apart from the wide variety of other cases. The advanced radiological set up with 1.5 Tesla MRI, PET, 16 slice spiral CT for image-guided intervention. During my three-year residency, I trained in basics and various specialties of neurosurgery like vascular, trauma, pediatric, onco, skull base-CVJ, spine, infections, microsurgical, functional, stereotactic, endoscopic, epilepsy and movement disorders, research in neurology. This three-year period was vital to my understanding and development of surgical principles and skills. During this period I performed under the supervision and individually various surgeries-both elective and emergency. I was also involved in running outpatient clinics seeing about 150 patients a week. In these four years in neurosurgery. I have done many major and countless minor procedures and trained to take crucial decisions independently. I have seen the state of art surgical gadgetry to skills working with all range of patient condition severity, affordability. As a consultant, I have independently done aneurysm clipping, AVM excision, skull base surgeries, endoscopic ventricular and sphenoidal surgeries, spinal fusions including CVJ, stereotactic surgeries, pediatric neurosurgery, with good outcome and functional preservation especially oncological cases with total / maximum resection holistically. Performed live demonstration surgery of lateral skull base workshop. Interested in pursuing functional deep brain stimulation, minimally invasive surgery, Robotic surgery, 3-D endoscopy and endovascular techniques for a comprehensive care. I am working on mobility preserving stabilization at CVJ. To pursue my interest I did observership at Barrow Neurosurgical Institute in the skull base, vascular, functional –DBS, VNS, Spine –X-LIF. I even visited City of Hope where research work is being done in Nanomedicine for brain tumors and Robotic surgery. I attended the Nanotechnology conference at Cedars-Sinai hospital which has evoked the zeal in an implementation of latest technology in clinical medicine.

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