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Whether it is COWIN registration or COWIN vaccine slot booking, it can be done by Cowin Vaccinator App by Eka Care. Along with that, if one wants to download COWIN Certificate, edit the details on the COWIN certificate, verify the details of the COWIN Certificate, or sync other IDs like Passport, Aadhar card, Cowin Vaccinator App by Eka Care is here to assist all these CoWIN related tasks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where will I receive confirmation of date and time of vaccination?

After scheduling your appointment, you will receive the details date, time slot and Vaccination Center in an SMS sent to your registered mobile number. You will also get a messge on WhatsApp if you book it through eka.care. The Appointment slip can be downloaded and store on the ekacare App in "My Vault" on your smart phone.

What are the kinds of issues that can be raised on CoWIN?

The following issues can be raised on CoWIN:

  1. Correction in Certificate labels
  2. Merging multiple dose 1 certificates
  3. Addition of passport details for travel abroad. You can also link your passport with Cowin certificate here.
  4. Report an unknown member
  5. Transfer registered members to another account

Where can I raise an issue/query related to CoWIN?

You can write to us at support@eka.care and the team will try their best to provide youa timely resolution. You can also log in to the registration portal on CoWIN and on the Accounts details page, click on “Raise an Issue” tab.

Who can raise an issue in the CoWIN portal?

Beneficiaries who have received at least one dose of vaccination can raise an issue in the CoWIN portal.

In case of side effects from Vaccination, whom do I contact?

You can contact on any of the following details: a. Helpline Number: +91-11-23978046 (Toll free - 1075). b. Technical Helpline Number: 0120-4473222. You may also approach the Vaccination center where the vaccine dose was adminstered.

Alternatively, you can Book a Doctor consulation through eka.care App.

When can I download my International Travel Certificate?

The International Travel Certificates gets generated within 2 hours of your request. You can download your certificate 2 hours after applying for it and store them on the eka.care app.

Does the International Travel Certificate allows me to travel to all the countries?

You may be able to enter some countries with the Internaltional Travel Certificate, while you may have to provide a range of test results in others. Entry requirements vary across different countries.

How can I apply for International Travel Certificate?

eka.care enables you to link your passport with Cowin Certificate. We also recommend you to store the certificate in eka.care app. The International Travel Certificates are generated within 2 hours of placing your request.

Do I need an International Travel Certificate in case of travelling abroad.

International Travel Certificate has been introduced by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, which complies with international standards for travel abroad. The certificate serves as a proof that the individual has received all doses of vaccination for travelling internationally. This certificate enables you enter countries without any hassle of quarantine or going through tests for COVID-19.

From where can I download vaccination certificate ?

You can download your certificate on eka.care. You can also download it from the CoWIN portal (cowin.gov.in) or the Aarogya Setu app or through Digi-Locker. It can be done by using your registered mobile number.

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