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The new era of healthcare
Drive better Health outcomes for your patients with Eka.care
  • - Know patient history & symptoms before any visit
  • - Multi-channel appointment booking
  • - SEO optimized profile

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AI led Medical Assistant- Get Patient’s Complete Picture

Know your patient’s medical history, past records, and current symptoms. Curate Personal set of questions and receive the answers beforehand. Save time & give more attention to your patient.


Futuristic Appointment System

Your patients can book appointments with you on mobile, web, tablet, IVR, or even on WhatsApp.


Single-screen Appointment Management

Manage appointments from multiple clinics, block days when you're not around or just let your staff easily manage your queue and billing.


Patient App

Stay connected with your patients 24/7. Allow your patients to book follow-up appointments, share key vitals and medical records with you, and access your prescriptions.


Get one-to-one Feedback

Eka will also collect feedback from the patient and privately pass it on to you - to help you improve your practice.


#GoDigital- Get visibility and reach

Expand your visibility with SEO rich and optimised profile so you appear on top of google listings. Let our marketing team provide your extended reach through Free of Cost marketing campaigns.



We promise you top-notch security, privacy, and transparency. We neither read nor share your patient data. Everything you upload is only accessible to you and nothing happens without your permission. It's a tool you can trust


Eka.Care - NDHM & Co-Win

Be future-ready by digitalizing your practice from today. Evolve alongside eka.care & NDHM association by using advance tools, powered by Technology.


Engage with your patients patients

Maintain a digital presence in your patient’s app at all times.

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