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Dr. Suruchi Sonkar

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Dr. Suruchi Sonkar
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Dr. Suruchi Sonkar

Clinical Psychology
Suruchi Online Marital and Family Therapy Dr. Suruchi Sonkar (M.Phil., Ph.D., NIMHANS) is Clinical Psychologist & Marital and Family Therapy Specialist with 14 yrs of experience in Psychotherapy (CBT, BT, EFT) for various Psychiatric/mental illnesses (Depression, OCD, Anxiety disorders) , behaviour problems, Parent Counselling (PMT) as well as Relationship/Couples issues (like Premarital Therapy, Relationship conflicts/breakdown, Marital problems, Divorce). Languages: English, Hindi, Bengali To book appointment for online therapy consultation please contact by email only at: For queries before booking appointment I can also be contacted (by phone/msg) via my Lybrate profile: Appointment is fixed in advance for each online consultation therapy session through email at a mutually convenient time slot. This appointment slot (lasting 1 hour) is reserved for each client at weekly once (recurrent) frequency. All information regarding therapy process will be mailed for clarity. Documents like Introduction, Orientation and Guidelines to online Psychotherapy will be shared over email with the client, before starting the first session for clarity regarding process of therapy and what to expect (Frequently asked questions, FAQ). Consultation fees (for every 1 hour of Online Therapy)- -Rs.2000 Individual therapy -Rs 2500 Marital/Divorce/Couples/Family therapy
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14 yrs
Overall Experience
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About the doctor
About Dr.Suruchi Sonkar M. Phil. Clinical Psychology (NIMHANS): Services offered: Individual therapy for Psychiatric disorders like - - Anxiety disorder (OCD, GAD, Phobias, Social Anxiety) -Mood disorders (Depression) -Psychotic and Delusional disorder (CBT for Psychosis post stabilised on medication) My expertise is in Psychotherapy aimed at helping individuals and couples to deal with and heal from emotional as well as relationship issues through Individual Psychotherapy (CBT, BT, EFT) as well as Couples/Marital and Family Therapy for various issues. My PhD was titled 'A Psychosocial exploration of persons seeking Divorce', conducted at Bangalore Mediation Centre, after observation of ongoing Mediation sessions of divorcing couples. Based on the Qualitative analysis of interviews of divorcing couples I have developed my own Model of marital dissolution or theoretical model of Divorce to understand marriage breakdown in Indian context, which informs my therapeutic approach in handling relationship conflicts. Psychotherapy is highly confidential and a safe place for being yourself and a journey towards greater clarity regarding issues important to self, often resulting in greater comfort with self, self-discovery, self acceptance as well as potential growth. Though therapy provides advice and guidance, it not a directive process. Therapist is not going to judge client based on morality, as per societal standards or norms or direct clients decisions as therapist is only a facilitator fostering empowerment not a decision maker for client. Client autonomy is respected. Client is free to discontinue therapy at any point of time, after informing (with/without stating the reason). Each therapy consultation session lasting one hour (recurrent weekly at a fixed time slot reserved for each client). Frequency of consultation: weekly once usually (or as per evaluation/need)....Read More
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Suruchi Online Therapy
Online Therapy Kolkata Park Street, kolkata, west bengal, India, 70001
Thu :
11:00 AM - 11:59 AM
Clinical Psychology
Anxiety Disorders (Panic, GAD, Social anxiety etc)
Depression and Mood disorders
Cognitive Behavior Therapy
OCD- Metacognitive Therapy and Exposure Response Prevention (ERP)
Parent Management Training (PMT)
Couples/Marital/Family Therapy (Relationship issues)
Individual Therapy for various mental illnesses (Depression, OCD, Anxiety)
Individual Therapy (Relationship issues)
Anxiety Disorders (Panic, GAD, Social anxiety etc)
Educational Qualifications
Ph. D. In Clinical Psychology - 2017
National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS)
M.Phil. In Clinical Psychology - 2012
National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS)
Masters in Psychology (Specialization: Experimental Psychology) - 2009
University of Kolkata
Graduation in Psychology - 2007
Gokhale Memorial Girls' College
NET Research Fellowship Award , 2016
Consultant Clinical Psychologist , 2019 - 2022
Suruchi Online Therapy (Couples/Marital and Family Therapy)
Assistant Professor , 2018 - 2019
Dharwad Institute of Mental Sciences (DIMHANS)
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