Personalised practice management for Pulmonologists


A pad tailor-made for Pulmonologists

10,000+ Doctors
30+ Specialities
7 lakh+Appointments
7 lakh+ Appointments
3.5 lakh+prescriptions created
3.5 lakh+ prescriptions created

Manage your practice securely with built in layers of privacy & protection

Manage your practice securely with built in layers of privacy & protection

Intelligence build specially for pulmonologists

Supercharge your prescription with intelligence that assists, not intrudes!
Pre-filled suggestions
From symptoms to neurological examinations, all sections will have information pre-filled. As you type, these suggestions evolve as per your practice
Pre-filled suggestions
Smart autosuggestions as you type
Pre-defined templates

The Eka Promise

100% refund if you’re not satisfied with our practice management tool within the first 7 days (From the day, you start using the tool, not from the date of payment)

The Eka Promise
manage your follow up patients better

A comprehensive overview of your chronic patients

See their past visits, lab & vital trends and medical records in a single view. Reference patient history while creating a prescription with the magic box

Communicate with your patients

Create patient groups to inform them about change in clinic timings, events and more
Create cohorts or groups of particular patients for targeted messaging
Attach photos or links and send them to these cohorts
Create specific questionnaires for your patients to answer to check on their well-being
“ has helped me to view my patient’s complete medical history in a glance. This has been instrumental in providing better care especially to chronic patients”
Dr. Kiran Makineni
“ has helped me to view my patient’s complete medical history in a glance. This has been instrumental in providing better care especially to chronic patients”

Get advanced analytics from coded medical data

Eka provides you analytics and trends to improve your practice
Understand your practice
See which brands your prescribe the most, your most frequent diagnosis, the symptoms you see the most and much mroe
Understand your practice
Analyse patient trends
Understand treatment efficacy
what eka has to offer

Comprehensive. Convenient. Customised

Personalised EMR

Personalised EMR

Fully customisable prescription pad

With a pad built for your speciality, you can choose to show/hide sections, reorder, use calculators & send prescriptions on whatsapp

Appointment & Billing

Set up your calendar, take online appointments, add walk-ins and create bills for every consultation

NMC Compliance

Teleconsultations, secure data storage, complete log and records of patient interactions for 3 years

Multi-device support

Support on mobile as well as desktop with full sync between both the devices




Integrate your pharmacy with Eka and get inventory updates as you prescribe


Connect your clinic with India’s top diagnostic centres - seamless order management for all lab tests

Migrations from existing software

Migration of your patient data & records from existing EMRs

Online Presence

Online Presence

Verified Google My Business Listing

Understand how people search for you, and get advice on hwo to improve your presence

5 star Google Reviews & Analytics

Boost your digital presence with 5 star reviews on google & marketing analytics

Communication via Whatsapp

Communicate with your patients via whatsapp

Frequently Asked Questions

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