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what eka care emr has to offer

Features of Eka Care EMR Software
Fully customisable
Eka EMR can be customised as per the doctor’s specialisation, to enable them to record relevant information systematically
Growth Charts
Built-in methods for displaying percentile results
Calculate formulas like BMI, expected delivery date, etc., automatically
Key Statistics
Get a click-through picture of important health markers covering visits
Visit History
View patient’s complete medical history & past visits with a click
Access predefined templates for prescriptions & symptoms as per your specialisation. You can also create your own as per your preference.
Custom Dictionaries
Create as many custom dictionaries as you like for simple recordings
Integrated Flows
Import lab findings. See the pharmacy's stocks. Give the pharmacy the prescription
ICD 10 Support
Assistance in searching for challenging ICD 10 diagnoses
Follow-Up Reminders
Send SMS & WhatsApp follow-up automatically to keep your patients informed and build long-term relationship with them.
Prescription Printout
Provide patients with printed prescriptions on your letterhead
Drug Dictionary
Chose easy dosage- Brand and composition searches.

Our benefits

Benefits of using EMR EHR software for patient and clinic management

Patient Experience Management

Provides patient profile
The entire process of uploading patients' medical records, prescriptions, etc., is modernised by EHR and EMR software
Make patient records digital
Patients can be sent electronic prescriptions from any location and digitally store patient data
Monitor diagnostic report output
Electronic medical record software makes quick access to diagnostic reports possible for the appropriate parties
Reduces cost and resource waste
Aids in minimising these expenditures
Explore Progress Reports
Patients can get a full picture of their development in terms of their current health
Previous reports recorded by MRD
Physical copies of patient's previous records kept in physical files by the medical record department's (MRD) EMR and EHR software
Easy medication administration
Patients can easily access their medicine intakes and the timing and frequency

Clinic Experience Management

Pharmacy Order Management
EMR software sends automatic updates to the clinic's pharmacy once the available medicines are quickly delivered for a quicker turnaround
Clinical Order Management
The clinic can easily set up procedural or testing orders with the help of predefined templates in EMR software
Diet Plan Management
The clinic has access to share the diet chart of the inpatient with appropriate stakeholders
Safeguards Sensitive Information
Clinical management ensures to development of confidential and secure templates for sensitive data
Managing Patient Admission
Enables hassle-free patient admission with all necessary documentation
Surgical request
EMR software quickly satisfies surgical requirements by directing a ticket to the appropriate department and physician

Buying guide

EMR software buying guide Medical practitioners are finding it difficult to choose the best EMR software because of availability of multiple options. The following considerations should be made when choosing an EMR software to manage one’s practices effectively and efficiently.

Integration with EMR medical systems

You should select an EMR that works with your existing applications. Choose practise management programmes with an integrated EMR software in India module over others, considering their price, if you intend to buy a new system for your clinic

Relevant Variables

It's crucial to shortlist every software feature your business will want for the EMR. To help you find vendors and solutions that meet your demands, we advise developing a list of your core business processes and specifying the essential features you need.

Specialization versus general practice

EMR solutions from numerous vendors are frequently tailored to specialist practice. Choose speciality-specific EMR software if you manage a key speciality, like paediatrics or orthopaedics. As a result, you won't have any empty fields, and your team will find it simple to enter information into the appropriate templates.

Difference between EMR and EHR

Difference between EMR and EHR EMR systems stores patient medical histories digitally in the form of charts. EHR software is a more comprehensive type of EMR that includes test results, demographic data, insurance information, and more.
Digitally records patient data in the form of chartsDigitally stores health information
Aids in accurate patient diagnosisSimplifies the process of making decisions
Cannot disclose patient information.Real-time data transfer to the appropriate authorities following CMS guidelines.
Access to demographic information is limitedView information about insurance claims, demographics, imaging, and more.

Buying guide

How does EMR EHR save money & time? Many healthcare professionals have used EMR and EHRs to improve medical practice management by enhancing practice efficiencies and cost savings. Medical offices can benefit from EMR and EHRs in many ways, including
Reduced expenses for transcription
Minimized expenses for generating charts, storing them, and re-filing
Expanded coding automation and documentation capabilities
Improved patient data availability and notifications for error avoidance will reduce medical errors
Better disease management, and patient education will result in enhanced patient health and treatment quality
Improved management of medical practices through integrated scheduling systems that automatically code, manage claims, and link appointments to progress notes
Time savings via condition-specific queries, simpler central chart administration, and other quick cuts

Average cost of EMR EHR software

Depending on the model, the average cost of EMR EHR software can range from Rs. 75,000 to Rs. 20,00,000 as a one-time fee; in addition, hardware costs and subscription licences have monthly subscription fees per provider that can be anywhere from Rs. 13,000 to Rs. 22,50,000

EMR for healthcare industry

How is EMR software changing the healthcare industry? The accelerated digitisation of healthcare to improve workflow and patient care has widened the market's potential. In the medical industry, EMR systems have already made great strides.
Through EMR software, healthcare organisations of various sizes and specialisations deliver more precise treatment, leading to increased efficiency.
EMR systems are capable of managing every task, including recording patient information, setting up appointments, writing medicines, and checking insurance.
The services segment of EMR has grown and is anticipated to expand the highest in future.
EMR systems are valuable for patients as well as clinicians. Their advanced technology makes it easier for patients to complete chores and adhere to treatment plans.
Hospitals and other healthcare providers have had to change their operations during the pandemic to incorporate EMR technology to streamline healthcare operations and protect patient data effortlessly.


Customised EMR software for specialisations
EMR software in India only comes partially assembled and ready to use right out of the box, as many pioneering implementers learned the hard way. Many doctors want to know whether the system is customisable and how it can be adjusted to their practice's needs while looking for the finest EMR software.
The first step in customising an EMR is to select one of the 22 available templates that best fits the area of expertise of your business. Changes to the template can also be done quickly, even during a patient exam. One must click on the component when making adjustments and enter the desired changes.
Also, when an EMR software's features are customised, they become unique to that particular doctor and have the appearance they prefer.
To sum up, EMR and EHR enable efficient data collection and processing and serve as the cornerstone for future medical practice. Eka Care provides the best and most dependable EMR software and EHR software for doctors and patients.

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