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Build long-term engagement and trust with your patients. Use the product suite to take your practice to the next level.
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Engage with your patients in your own private digital space
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The simplest way to stay connected with your patients
Maintain a digital presence in your patient’s app at all times. Your virtual assistant will keep checking regularly with them by sending them meaningful multimedia notifications.
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Fight Against Covid!

A digitally enabled and connected healthcare ecosystem for better health outcomes.

Connecting India to combat coronavirus
A series of engaging initiatives to motivate and mobilize people to Be Ready to beat COVID-19
13.6 M+ Users
700+ Districts covered in India
25.9 M+ CoWin Certificate Downloads
83 K+ Vaccination Slots Booked
Suite of products to modernize your Practice
Advanced Tele-consultation Platform (ATP)
Don’t just do video calls, provide medical consultations
  • Use our enhanced in-app camera to better assess visible symptoms.
  • Keep video logs of all your appointments for future reference.
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Queue Management Service (QMS)
No need for multiple apps to manage your appointments
  • Manage digital, physical, and ad-hoc appointments in one place.
  • Sync appointment bookings from all your calendars.
  • Schedule automated follow-up messages to patients.
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Practice Data and Analytics (PDA)
Make smarter medical and business decisions
  • Track the medical journey of your patients.
  • Make digitized medical prescriptions and interactive reports.
  • Leverage advanced practice analytics to make better decisions.
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Interactive Prescription Environment (IPE)
No need to write prescriptions by hand
  • Intelligent medical digital prescription tool that adapts to your practice.
  • Generates ML-driven dosage suggestions.
  • Creates FHIR compliant electronic health records.
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