Eka care is the first company to combine with the cowin. gov. in, the portal. This portal allows the booking of vaccination slots. Also, this integration has led to several services. These services involve slot booking, downloading covid certificates, and getting details on post and pre-vaccination.

Over and above, the Cowin vaccinator app, i.e., the Eka Care app, is now available in 12 different languages. It has been used by over 2 million users across 1600 districts in India. Not just that, with the help of this app, a patient can store their PHR or personal health records.

Also, the patient can book appointments for the covid vaccine. You can further book doctor appointments and download the vaccination certificate easily. You can also get access to your doctor 24*7. Besides, the Eka care application provides doctors with a platform for connecting with patients. It manages physical and digital and also conducts teleconsultations.

One can schedule follow-ups, create reports and prescriptions, and use advanced analytics to show the results. Let's learn more about this application, i.e., more about its features and benefits, by taking a thorough glance at the app:

Features Of Cowin Vaccinator App

The Cowin app for vaccinators (Eka care app) has many features that help people get the vaccination and treat it quickly without any hassle. Also, Eka care has become a perfect bridge for patients and doctors. So let's look at its key features.

  • COWIN Vaccine Slot Booking-

One can book their Cowin vaccination slots with different hospitals in just one click. So you will not have to wait in a long queue now, and you can get yourself vaccinated quickly.

  • Get your vaccination certificate within minutes -

One can download the COWIN certificate on the Eka Care app (or COWIN gov in) using their aadhar or mobile number. If you want to update the age, name, gender, or DOB in your www.cowin gov.in the platform, you can do it without any hassle.

  • Keep track of your PHR-  

Eka care offers a health ID card, an online tool to keep your health records. It was launched on 27th September 2021 by our honourable Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

Also, this health care includes several security and privacy features and health records that must be appropriately managed. Moreover, with the help of Eka Care, you can easily create a health id care, which will help you to track your PHR.

  • Provides a Digi locker to store your health records

With the Digi locker, you can store your medical documents easily without fear of losing it. Moreover, one can access it easily without any kind of issue. A single locker allows you to store the whole family's health records. It can keep any discharge summary, prescriptions, tests, and more. It is entirely safe and can only be accessed with your permission.

  • Get access to your COWIN certificate when you are offline.

The COWIN certificate will be stored securely in the Eka healthcare locker. It is a GOI-approved personal health record app that helps you to manage your health records. Be it a precaution dose, booster dose, or vaccination certificate, they are secure in the health locker and also be used for offline access.

  • Self-assessments

One can check their lab reports by just uploading them on the site. Also, Eka Care will generate a user-friendly report. It can be assessed by the user easily without visiting the doctor to understand what's the problem. However, you can now even add your symptoms. It is so that you can get the right advice from the doctors digitally and need not rely on google.

Facilities Provided By Cowin Vaccinator App By Eka Care:

  • Easy Scheduling:

The app provides an easy and convenient way to schedule your vaccine appointments with the click of a button. You can view all available dates and timings for the vaccine, select a convenient one for you, and book an appointment with just a few clicks.

  • Real-Time Updates:

The app provides real-time updates on new and existing vaccines, ensuring you are always aware of the latest news and trends in vaccine availability.

  • Smart Reminders:

With Cowin Vaccinator App By Eka Care, you can conveniently set reminders for yourself and your family to ensure you never miss a vaccine appointment. The app also helps you remember when to get the next dose of a particular vaccine.

  • Digital Record Keeping:

The app helps you keep track of all your vaccines and immunisation records, stored safely and securely in the cloud. You can access this information anytime, from anywhere.

  • Dedicated Support:

The team is always there to help you with any queries or concerns regarding the app. You can contact experts via email, phone, or social media channels.

Benefits of Cowin Vaccinator App

The Eka Care app comes with several benefits. Being government-approved healthcare, it offers you numerous benefits other than just a COWIN vaccination certificate. Besides, let's look at the benefits Eka Care provides.

  • Offers secured digital lockers to store personal health records.
  • Assessing the lab reports and tests is made easy with Eka Care.
  • Helps to book your COWIN vaccination slot without any hassle.
  • Download the Cowin certificate within minutes.
  • You can also access your certificate in offline mode.
  • You can auto-backup your medical records by using Gmail.
  • Get proper diagnoses and reports by just sending your prescriptions and reports on WhatsApp or the application.
  • Creates automated health profiles for your healthcare data.
  • Tracking your symptoms is made more accessible.
  • No fear of losing your essential healthcare Cowin app login documents because of its secured and safe Digi-locker.

Who can use the Cowin Vaccinator App?

Anyone can use Eka care. It is a healthcare app authorised by the Government of India. Moreover, anyone can use it to store and assess their data. Patients and doctors can create profiles on it and help their patients get the correct diagnosis. Further, a person who only wants to book their COWIN vaccination slots can also use this app to get a seamless experience.

Eka Care is the official partner of GOI covin. gov. in to issue a Covid certificate. Individuals who have received their first dosage can get a COWIN vaccination certificate using their cellphone number. Also, it involves people who have received two doses plus a booster dosage.

Wrapping up

One can use the App by Eka Care to book slots for COWIN vaccination or Cowin app registration. If you wish to change details or download the COWIN certificate, you can validate IDs with your Aadhar or passport card. One can use the Eka care app for all COWIN-related chores. You can easily access all health-related details using the Eka Care app. It is a must-have for everyone who wants to stay updated about vaccines and immunisations. With many features, Cowin Vaccinator App By Eka Care is the best for your health and safety. So, hurry up and download it now!


Why download the Cowin Vaccine certificate?

The majority of Indian provinces and towns have mandated that you need to present your downloaded Cowin vaccination certificates. It should be of both vaccine doses for travel or public access to places. This is because of the rapid dissemination of the Omicron form during the latest wave of Covid-19.

Since the government of India approved this Cowin application certificate, it serves as proof that you've received all necessary vaccinations for any organisation, whether public or private.

How to download the Covid-19 vaccine certificate?

Using the Eka Care online or Eka Care app on the app store and play store, you may get the Cowin vaccination certification or the Covid-19 vaccine certificate. Also, with the Eka Care app, users can quickly download the Cowin vaccination certification.

Moreover, they can retrieve it whenever they want without needing an online connection. Here are the steps to download the covid-19 certificate.

Steps: -

  • First, you must download the Eka Care app on your iPhone or android.
  • Enter the phone number, and then you will have to verify the OTP.
  • You can receive the COWIN vaccine certificate on the Eka Care App.

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