Today the world is getting modernised rapidly, and that's only fair because the world needs new and enhanced ways to perform several tasks. The increased population has made it almost impossible to work manually, and technology has provided solutions. In this rapid pace of modernisation, the sector which needs the benefits of these modernised technologies most is the health and medical sector. Every country in the world focuses on enhancing its medical facilities, and India is doing the same. The government of India has launched several different schemes and plans to modernise the medical facilities in the country and is still doing so.

The government's latest step towards providing better healthcare facilities to the citizens of India is Ayushman Bharat Health Account, also popularly known as ABHA. This latest scheme of the Indian government aims toward uploading all the documents of the medical history of every Indian citizen on the official online portal. The citizens will be provided with the ABHA card containing a 14-digit unique identification number. By using this card, the users would be able to get access to their medical documents quickly and at any time.

What Is ABHA Card?

Abha Card is a prepaid debit card issued by Abha Bank. It offers customers convenience and security when it comes to making payments. The card can be used to make purchases both online and offline. It is linked to the customer's bank account, allowing them to easily access their funds without carrying cash or going through the hassle of going to the bank.

With Abha Card, users can make payments quickly and securely at any merchant that accepts Visa and Mastercard. They can also withdraw cash at any ATM worldwide. Abha Card also offers special discounts and rewards on select merchants, giving users more value for their money. With its advanced security measures, Abha Card gives customers peace of mind when making payments. It is a convenient and secure way to shop, pay bills and manage finances.

Why Should One Apply For An ABHA Card?

Several countries in the world have already launched schemes allowing all their citizens to upload their medical documents online; this is beneficial not only for the government but also for the citizens and doctors. In India, the government is trying to do the same; currently, applying for an Abha Card benefits you and the government, but soon it will become a compulsion. Abha cards can help you and others in several different ways, so the question "Why one should apply for an Abha Card'' has a simple answer, and that is for the benefit of themselves, their doctors, and others. Here are some of the essential benefits of applying for an Abha Card; make sure to check abha health card eligibility first.

  1. Ensure privacy of Health Records: Having and using an Abha Card will assure you that the medical documents you uploaded to your Ayushman Bharat Health Account are kept with the highest possible privacy. The only one who will be able to get access to those documents will be you.
  2. Providing Safety: The government ensures their safety when you upload your health records to your Ayushman Bharat Health Account. You are the only person who can upload more or download existing documents. Uploading your health records will also ensure their safety from theft, loss, or damage.
  3. Ease the work of doctors: If you share your medical documents that are uploaded on your Ayushman Bharat Health Account with the doctors who are about to give you further treatments, then those doctors would be able to get all the information regarding your medical history; this will allow them to understand your medical condition to a greater extent, and treat you accordingly. This will ease the work of doctors and save them from a lot of time that they have to spend on understanding your medical history.
  4. Time-Saving: Another great use of the Abha Card is that it will help you save a lot of time. Every time you visit a doctor, you do not have to carry hard copies of all the documents; having an Abha Card with you would be enough, and you can share the Ayushman Bharat Health Account with the doctor who is treating you.
  5. User-Friendly: The best part about the Abha Card is that it is very user-friendly; anyone can easily understand how to use it and benefit from it. The government has designed the Abha Card so that any age group can understand and use it easily.

Your abha card is the only key to access your Ayushman Bharat Health Account, so all the above features can only be accessed if you have an Ayushman Bharat Health Account and an Abha Card.

Uses Of ABHA Card

Abha Card is one of the most innovative schemes that the government of India has ever launched in its medical history. The uses of ABHA card are summarised below:

  • Accessing the electronic health records of the user: The card allows the users to access their medical records from anywhere at any time.
  • It can be used to make appointments with doctors: With the help of the Abha Card, users can make appointments with doctors and medical professionals.
  • Availing discounts on various medicines: The card can be used to avail discounts on various drugs from online and offline stores.
  • Applying for health insurance: The card can also be used to apply for health insurance policies. This will make it easier to avail of medical treatments during times of need.
  • Availing of medical treatments at government hospitals: The card can be used to avail of medical treatments in government hospitals without any hassle.

The Abha Card is an innovative and convenient way to access your health records securely and safely. With the help of this card, you can easily access your medical records from anywhere and at any time. The Abha Card is an easy way to access all the medical services that the government of India provides. It can help you avail discounts on medicines and treatments from online and offline stores, apply for health insurance policies, and avail of medical treatments at government hospitals. With the Abha Card in your wallet, you can be sure that your health records are always safe and secure.

What Are The Eligibility Criteria To Register For An Abha Card?

The ABHA card is a government-organized scheme, and the government has also set some of the criteria that should be fulfilled by those who want to apply for an ABHA card. The Abha health card eligibility criteria are as follows:

  1. The first and most apparent Abha card eligibility is that you need to be a citizen of India since the facilities of an Abha Card are only available to those with legal Indian citizenship.
  2. The government mainly focuses on economically backward families, so if you want to apply for an ABHA card, your annual family income should be 2.5 lakh rupees.
  3. The government does not specify any particular caste category; people from every caste (general, obc, St, and sc) can apply for Abha Card.
  4. Having an Aadhar card is the most basic eligibility for Abha health card.

Documents Required To Apply For An Abha Card.

Since providing an Abha Card is entirely a government procedure, it requires several document verification; all these document verifications are indeed necessary. The documents that you would need to apply successfully for Abha Card are:

  1. Aadhar card that should be linked with your phone number. An Aadhar card is necessary because it's considered proof of your citizenship.
  2. Bank account number. The Bank account number should be linked with your aadhar card. You might have multiple bank accounts, but you must provide the one linked to your aadhar card.
  3. Your medical certificate is also required since the Abha Card is entirely related to medical documents.
  4. Declarations about your medical history and conditions.
  5. Proof of your income.
  6. Domicile Certificate to verify your birthday residence.
  7. An Abha Card is provided irrespective of your caste, but your caste certificate is still necessary.


Abha yojna, or Ayushman Bharat Health Yojna, is a vital step taken by the government of India. It's a step towards completely digitalising the country's health sector. It gives every Indian citizen a chance to digitalise himself/herself by uploading their health record digitally to their Ayushman Bharat Health Account. Every citizen who satisfies all the eligibility for Abha Card should apply for it with all the necessary documents. The ABHA card will not only benefit you by making it convenient to carry your documents around on your phone. Still, it will also help your doctor to understand your medical condition to a greater extent.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I apply for an Abha Card?

You can apply for Abha Card in several different ways. The best way to apply for an Abha Card is through its official online portal. Make sure to check abha health card eligibility before applying for it.

What is Abha's address?

Abha address is a 14-digit identification number mentioned on your Abha Card. Every citizen who holds an Abha Card is provided with a unique Abha address. This address is the key to accessing your Abha account and then your health records that have been uploaded.

What are the key benefits of an Abha Card?

ABHA card provides you with several different benefits. Still, the Abha card's essential use allows users to upload their health documents to their health accounts digitally. Then it provides high security and privacy to all health records.

What is the required age to apply for an ABHA card?

Those members of the family who are 16 or above and not more than 59 years old can successfully apply for an Abha Card with all the required documents. The members of the family who are younger than 16 and not more than 18 years old can also apply for an Abha Card, but only if they have a valid Aadhaar Card linked to their phone number.

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