How does ABHA Card Work?

July 21, 2023

The ABHA card is one of the most important changes made toward the successful healthcare future of India. Since it was launched, it has seen lakhs of registrations in a short period. People have started becoming more aware of this scheme and are seeing the benefits associated with it. The government has also taken immense steps in the regular upgradation of the application and website from many different angles – security, features, additional services, and many more. Here is what you need to know about this initiative from the government.

What Is Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission?

The Prime Minister of India launched the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM) in September 2021. This scheme was initiated under the Ministry of State and Health Family Welfare. The mission’s primary aim was to connect digital, health-related solutions among hospitals in the country. The need to provide proper facilities for healthcare across different strata of the population in India was becoming increasingly apparent.

Therefore, the ABDM aimed to enhance the process of simplifying hospitalisation and treatment and improve the citizens' quality of life.

This was done by creating a complete digital ecosystem that would enable a host of other facilities like digital consultation, easier and consensual access to health records via the ABHA card, providing a list of verified doctors and other professionals to the beneficiaries, etc.

The ABDM under the National Digital Health Ecosystem aimed to cover a major part of the population, including hospitals, clinics, AYUSH doctors, NGOs, the State Government, the Central Government, Health-tech companies, and many more service providers. Originally, the ABDM was piloted in 6 Union Territories for one year, and the results were successful. This boosted the government to launch the ABHA scheme full-fledged across India. Since its inception, the ABDM has benefitted many sectors with the help of digitisation of the field of medicine. Indian citizens will be able to download the digital health ID and play a part in strengthening India’s healthcare ecosystem

How Does The Card Work?

This government-backed plan was visualized to enable all willing Indian citizens to keep their health records intact digitally with the assistance of their ABHA card registration. All citizens of the country are eligible for this plan, but participation is voluntary. This card can be linked to your account, which holds the necessary information that contains all health-related data.

Registration- Registration for this card is free of cost and applies to all Indian citizens. Creating the ABHA card will be the first step that you take towards this revolutionary change towards a digital ecosystem. The GoI has kept the application for this card simple and easy to understand so that people of all sectors can reap the benefits associated with the same.

Here are the necessary steps you will have to take to apply for this card:

Step 1: To enrol for the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission, visit the official website to create your health ID.

Step 2: Click on the tab ‘new registration

Step 3: Keep the details of the following documents handy so that the process is seamless and you will not have to scramble at the last moment – Aadhar Card, Driving License, Phone number, PAN card details, any government-issued document, etc. You will not need all of these for the process, but keeping the information at hand will be ideal.

Step 4: You can choose between two modes of registration – Aadhar Card or a Driving License.

  • If you choose the Aadhar Card method, you will have to make sure that your phone number is linked to the card, as you will receive an OTP via SMS. Once you enter your Aadhar details and receive the OTP, all you will have to do is enter that on the website. Add your details as required – name, address, phone number, etc, and your ABHA ID will be generated.
  • If you choose the Driving License method, you will have to visit the nearest ABDM facility to receive an enrolment number after you verify your identity. Once this is done, visit the website and enter the information as asked.

Step 5: After verification from any of these registration modes, you can enter your name and password to log into the account. This will be your ID.

Step 6: Make sure that you preview and check the details that you have added – verify all personal, professional, academic, and contact information that you have filled out. Make any changes if needed.

Download and access - After completing the ABHA registration, it would be better if you download a soft copy on your phone so that you will be able to access the card as and when you need it. It will also be much easier to share the details with people. You can avail of this card online and download it with the help of the following methods:

  • The official website launched by the Government of India
  • The mobile application
  • Some registered health centres that offer facilities for the same
  • Local body offices may also assist in accessing and downloading the card
  • Third-party apps like PayTM

Benefits – The ABHA health card comes with a plethora of benefits with the primary aim to make the lives of Indian citizens easier.

  1. You can record and access all your essential details and medical information with a few clicks. Everything will be stored online, and you will have a proper understanding of the timeline of your tests, an accurate picture of your history, proper details of all diagnoses and prescriptions, etc in one place.
  2. You do not need to carry a paper trail as your ABHA number, which is a unique 14-digit code, can be shared with any medical professional and healthcare center by just providing them with this code. This is particularly helpful in case of emergencies wherein you may not have all your documents in place.
  3. Looking at what this card has to offer, you may choose to apply and make your account. This is not a compulsory process. You can easily wish to delete your registration as well. Remove your account or any information that you have entered online whenever you please.
  4. This card also offers valid treatments in the AYUSH facilities – Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Unani, Sidha, and Homeopathy. This also opens up the benefits of the card to this sector of the population that believes in these treatment mechanisms.
  5. The government has taken enough steps to make sure that the safety and security regarding this app are in place and that the people entering their data have no issues worrying about the hacking of the data. The encryption codes are being upgraded constantly.


The benefits of this ABHA card are plenty. Each voluntary Indian citizen who decides to register for the same will witness a huge change in the overall healthcare infrastructure and ecosystem. Moreover, they will also be able to smoothly access all the healthcare facilities that the Government of India has made available. The working and registration of this card involve simple steps. Reap the benefits by applying for this card at the earliest.


Who is eligible for the ABHA card?

Anyone who is a citizen of India is eligible to create and download their ABHA cards. This process is free of cost and can be completed online. The process is voluntary and you do not have to, compulsorily make your card.

Can I make my child’s ABHA card?

The government and ministry have their eyes set on this upgradation so that parents can create their children’s ABHA cards. This will be highly beneficial as one will be able to maintain their history from the beginning without any hassle. Having all the information in one place from birth can be convenient.

What are the documents I will need to register?

You will not need to submit any physical documents as the process of registration is online. You will need your phone number, Aadhar Card details, Driving License details (to get the enrolment number), and PAN number.