Digitalisation has changed many sectors of our country. It has completely revolutionised the way of operating things in various sectors. The health sector has started to use the benefits of digitalisation as well. Its scope is being taken seriously by different stakeholders, such as healthcare providers, the government, and the public. The government has recently launched the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission to use digitalisation in the right direction.

One of the main aspects of the mission is to provide health Id to each citizen in the country, which will make medical data accessible to the concerned person in a secure manner. Having a health id card will bring numerous benefits to you. Some of these are discussed below.

To better understand how to apply for the health id, what the benefits are, etc., the following covers everything you need to understand about it.

What Is Health ID?

Digital health id is a repository of all your medical information. An identification card that holds your health documents such as test results, scans, prescriptions, consultations, etc. With this card, you can store all your documents safely on a digital interface.

Any person who desires to digitalise their medical documents to get rid of the daunting procedures involved in maintaining paper records can apply for a digital id. Suppose you want your medical data to be available timely without having to undergo hectic procedures. In that case, you must electronically save your data which is possible by having a health id.

This health id is created using a unique 14-digit number, enabling a person to create their Ayushman Bharat Health account and receive their health card digitally. This 14-digit number is used for identification and verification purpose of the cardholder. Added to that, only when you have this unique number will you be able to access your medical data and exchange it safely with other stakeholders.

To get this id, you need to have basic documents like an Aadhar card, driving license, and mobile number. Using this id, you can link all your medical data digitally. You can apply for a health id card online on the official websites provided by the government or by using reliable apps. Using this health id, you can get in touch with healthcare providers and professionals anytime and get yourself consulted on the online platform.

Here are a few key benefits of having a health id card that you must know to reap timely and quality healthcare services.

Helps In The Prevention Of Serious Diseases

One of the important benefits of having a health id is that you can get consulted by the best professionals out there. These professionals have worked in the field for many years and therefore have great experience treating your condition. Having this health card will enable your doctor to know your health history by analysing the medical data, making him understand your condition efficiently. Using this card, you can get timely consultation which can help you with early diagnosis of diseases and prevent complications that can lead to serious disorders.

On the other hand, if you still rely on paper records, there is a high possibility that some of your data might have gotten lost, which makes the doctor have incomplete information about your condition. This incompleteness of information can lead to medical disasters. While if you want to prevent such disasters, you can simply share your combined medical data with your healthcare provider using your health id at the convenience of a click.

Additionally, paper records can be easily tampered with, putting you at risk of receiving the wrong treatments. Luckily, that’s not the case with health id. The process is secure and safe and prevents tampering, enabling you to get the ideal treatment for your condition.

Timely availability of the patient's medical information will alter your condition drastically as the doctor can study the available data in detail and get enough time to compare various treatment options available, preventing serious complications.

Access To All Your Health History Anytime And Anywhere

Are you someone, who finds it difficult to maintain your medical files? Then your health id is at your rescue! You might have undergone a last-minute situation where you must be trying to find all your medical data just before a doctor’s appointment. Fortunately, by creating a health card, you no longer have to worry about maintaining your medical files while you hop from one doctor to another to get the best services.

All your medical documents, such as scans, reports, diagnoses, prescriptions, etc., are available online at a click. Having your medical records complied securely can help you in case you face any medical emergency and do not have your paper records handy.

For such medical emergencies, you can share your relevant medical data with the concerned healthcare provider, who can help you before things go wrong. Additionally, having a systematically compiled history of your medical information will enable the doctor to accurately assess your condition irrespective of where you are. The ABDM also allows you to delete your account safely in case you do not find it beneficial.


The way how healthcare used to operate in our country has drastically changed since the launch of missions such as Ayushman Bharat. Now, with your health id card registration, there is a lot that you can do to ensure timely treatment at affordable rates. Taking digitalisation in the right direction to improve sectors like healthcare will ensure that no citizen is left behind in the journey of building a healthy nation.

Missions like these in place are ensuring that healthcare services in our country are quality and affordable for each citizen. Creating health id for all is the building step towards achieving Universal health coverage. The bottom line is that having a health id will make your healthcare journey easy and eventually make our healthcare system the best in the world.


Is having a health id mandatory?

No, having a healthcare id is not mandatory yet. Any person who wants to digitalise their medical data can do so by creating their health id. If you want to keep all your records secured and compiled in one place, you should create a health id.

Is an Aadhar card compulsory for creating a health id?

No, an Aadhar card is not a compulsion when it comes to creating a health id. If you do not want to use your Aadhar card to generate a 14-digit unique health id, then you can do so by providing your mobile number.

Why should I get a health id?

Having a health id is recommended as it reaps benefits such as easy access to all your medical data, affordable services available anytime and anywhere, prevention of health disasters, consent-based access, a simple sign-up process, etc.

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