The Health Facility Registry in Ayushman Bharat (AB) is an effective healthcare program initiated by the Indian government which aims to provide all Indians with quality, affordable healthcare. The primary purpose of the AB program is to reduce regional health disparities and to promote better public health outcomes by offering technical and financial assistance to improve healthcare infrastructure in India.

The Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM) was launched in September 2021. It was initiated to develop India's healthcare sector through technology.

Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission

Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM) is a sizable public health initiative that aims to provide a digital assistant to every Indian home. On September 27, 2021, during his presentation to the UNGA, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced ABDM. The project's driving force is obvious: More individuals will want easily accessible and reasonably priced health services as India's population ages and healthcare prices grow.

Additionally, ABDM can assist in cutting time waiting for patients' turn, enhance patient security, and monitor chronic illnesses as India's dependence on technology grows. Based on how well states and union territories record data in the Health Professional Registry (HPR) and the Health Facility Registry (HFR), the National Health Authority provides cash for the project.

ABDM intends to work with companies like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft to accomplish this enormous aim. These businesses will supply the technology for the digital assistants, while other groups will aid in placing the assistants in homes across India. Even though the initiative is still in its early phases, substantial progress has already been accomplished.

Health Facility Registry

In simple words, a Health facility registry records all the health facilities. It could be hospitals and/or clinics, irrespective of whether the type of medical practice is modern or traditional such as ayurvedic or homoeopathic. However, why should you record your clinic in the health registry? What do you get from it? How do you opt for the HFR login?

Health facility registry opens up a gateway to the entire nation. Therefore, a health facility registry will be highly beneficial if your clinic and doctors are top-notch.

Now, to register for Health Facility Registry, you need to put your Aadhar card to use, or you may use some other KYC options. First, it's required to create a Healthcare Professional ID. The next step involves asking for the facility from the admin of the State or your District.

Once done, you will have to register by filling up a form and then submit it to get it verified. It will include all your offered services, facility or infrastructure details, etc. Moreover, this HFR video explains it all precisely.

Features of Health Facility Registry

Here are some characteristics of a successful health facility registry:


Isn't transparency the key to building trust and credibility? Credibility and confidence in a register largely depend on how open it is regarding its rules and procedures. People should be able to locate a medical centre that satisfies their unique requirements and expectations. Information about employee credentials, legal compliance, and facility location are all included.

Under Government Control

A regulating authority like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act will monitor a properly controlled health facility register (HIPAA). This guarantees that the register's procedures and standards are upheld. Patients are therefore shielded from dishonest tactics and dangerous practices.

Standardised Procedures

All members of an HFR must follow standardised procedures to remain compliant with regulatory guidelines. These procedures must be detailed and specific so that patients can trust that their privacy will be protected and their needs met.

24/7 Customer Support

Health facilities should have an immediate response time to customer inquiries 24/7. This includes both telephone support as well as online forms for the submission of inquiries. All questions should be addressed quickly and effectively to ensure the satisfaction of all parties involved.

Compliant with professional ethics standards

All health professionals working within a registered health facility must adhere to professional ethics standards. This includes upholding medical ethics, protecting patient data, complying with applicable regulations, and abiding by patient confidentiality laws.

Continuous improvement & internal audit

Health facilities must continually evaluate their practices to maintain standardisation across all departments and modules of their services. This involves conducting internal audits as well as engaging external advisors when necessary.

It also involves identifying any areas of improvement so that they may be implemented promptly without compromising the quality of care offered to patients.

Patient centricity at its finest

Health facilities should focus on providing quality care for their patients through proactive communication and collaboration with other providers in the community. A health facility's prime concern and focus should be looking after the patients.

Benefits of Health Facility Registry

HFR is a must for many healthcare providers to provide safe and efficient health services. The following are some of the key benefits associated with health facility registry:

Authentic and Distinctive Identification

Every health facility across the nation is given an identity card to identify them in their time of need since there are several hospitals and clinics in India, including private and public facilities.

Then how would the government know how many facilities are present and where they are? So the unique identity card helps them in this purpose.

Increases the area of online existence

Nowadays, it is essential to remain super-active on the internet to get discovered by the public. So that they could easily reach out to a suitable and nearby health facility; thus, one can find health facilities on a national website.

Business with an ease

Not only will digitisation of health facilities benefit the patients and the health facilities. It will simplify the process of taking licenses and reduce the headache of renewing licenses again and again. Thus it eases the health facility business.

Digitization of Health Facilities

With the innovations of modern technologies and the internet, everything has started to digitise and save time and energy. Thus ABDM aims to digitise health reports and provide telemedicine.

It also gives access to health management information solutions, thus helping patients with their recovery.

Accountability and Transparency

The main aim of a health facility registry is to provide transparency, accountability, and safety while providing medical care. This means that all medical personnel in the healthcare facility must be accountable and transparent regarding their actions. This will ensure that patients are treated with the utmost care and respect. In addition, this will promote patient safety as all medical personnel must follow the necessary regulatory guidelines, procedures, and protocols.

Improved Quality of Care

To ensure the highest quality of patient care, health facilities must also be able to track patient records and medical histories properly. This will allow healthcare personnel to identify potential issues or problems a patient may have and address them accordingly. In addition, by comprehensively understanding their patient's medical history, healthcare personnel can provide personalised and advanced treatments. Moreover, HFR genetics may associate with the digital health ecosystem of India. They can do so with the help of the HFR login.

To Conclude

The health registry features of Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission boosted the health facility conditions. It aims to simplify the entire health and recovery process and bring it to the patients in just one touch.

This will save a lot of time and give a chance of recovery to patients with critical diseases. It will also improve the health facilities in India as they can be reachable over the internet. Therefore, Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission is a boon for Indian and Indian health facilities.


What are the issues going to be covered under Ayushman Bharat?

Ayushman Bharat aims to transform the entire system of the Health industry. It has taken up the project to digitise all the health facilities from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, thus upgrading the health Ecosystem in India.

How can I become a part of ABDM?

Yes, it is possible to become a part of ABDM if you are a health facility such as a hospital, a clinic, a patient, or someone related to the health industry such as Doctors, nurses, etc.

Is registering for ABDM mandatory?

Ayushman Bharat's digital mission isn't mandatory for anyone till now. But it is very beneficial, so people are encouraged to join this mission.

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