Teleconsulation Platform

Do you think that teleconsultation is too new to trust? Reconsider your thoughts. Its been developing for hundreds of years. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, teleconsultation platforms have grown overnight. But, it is not

Queue Management Service For Patients

Patients visiting hospitals are generally disturbed, feared and generally in pain. That's why hospitals and clinics must have to create a comfortable setting. Healthcare facilities are under immense pressure to maintain a comfortable

Interactive Prescription Environment

Interactive prescription has been in the news a lot lately. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Centre for Medicare and Medical Services (CMS) issued a final rule that requires all prescriptions to

Importance of Electronic Health Records

What are Electronic Health Records? Electronic Health Records (EHR) is an electronic version of a patient's medical history maintained by the healthcare professional. An EHR may contain all the administrative and clinical data