The Pradhan Mantri Digital Health Mission plans to create an essential digital healthcare infrastructure to help humankind in many ways. Per the rules of the NHA (National Health Authority), every individual will be rewarded with an ndhm card. It will hold all the essential details and the current health condition of that individual. With this mission's help, one can share their medical reports with a medical practitioner using an application.

Moreover, doctors can also suggest medicine through the same link. Additionally, doctors will get associated with this healthcare system and will offer services all around the country. They also need to share a prescription along with their digital signature. To use these practices, all one needs to do is go and fill out a form, and their account will be ready in just a few minutes by visiting www healthid ndhm.

Anyone having an Indian citizen will register with a healthid ndhm number that will help them enter the system. This number can also be claimed as an identification number, which will also be given to the doctor. Moreover, enlisted are five elements of this NDHM mission:

Health ID

Whoever plans to register with the mission will get a digital health ID. Simply put, individuals will get a digital version of their health records, associated with the nationwide registry of doctors and health benefits. Moreover, the entire process is easy, and the health ID is the identification number of every person. The health data manager will later share all the information with the system after getting consent from that person.

This number is created after verifying a few documents, including email id, phone number, Aadhar card, etc. One can use this digital health care in any hospital, diagnostic centre, etc. This system will be like a digital book that will store all your past medical records and the tests you have done.

Moreover, many people need to learn how to get a Health ID number, and one can follow the below-given steps to register themselves and get a Health ID.

  • Individuals must visit the official website to register and create their health IDs. They can process it either using the website or they can also download the application and proceed further.
  • One needs to verify their Aadhar card in the next step. Make sure you correct everything while typing your details after you are done with your registration process.
  • Fill in all the credentials and avoid repeating mistakes; after completing all the processes, one will get their ID number.

Patient Health Record (PHR)

PHR is a bunch of all your past and present medical records stored in the system, and one can modify their reports according to their need. Moreover, one can control, share and manage health records that are only sometimes seen. In this system, the patients will be the primary account holders.

After every successful diagnostic centre or hospital visit, everyone will be given one chance to update their medical reports and other documents. One healthid ndhm number only applies to a single person, and two people can't use a similar id. With this mission's help, one can share their medical reports with a medical practitioner using an application.

Moreover, doctors can also suggest medicine through the same link. Professionals claim that this process benefits everyone by making the healthcare process easily accessible. In addition, one can browse the internet to know everything in detail.

Doctors need to investigate the patient's history and other relevant details like demographics, existing medication and previous treatments. They must also mention what they did as part of the treatment and what measures they suggested to the patient. This would help them access the right course of action for everyone.

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) web app

With this record's help, an individual can see all their past and present medical reports under a single roof. It will reduce the doctor's workload, and thus, they will be able to make quick decisions. In addition, an individual will be able to go through their information and can also change it if necessary. Prefer to avoid mistakes as one mistake won't let you register.

With the help of this process, along with doctors, patients can also reduce their stress as they don't need to visit the chamber regularly. In addition, a patient can also go through their report anytime without any casualty. Everyone should know that one can get instant help from any doctor through this system.

Digi Doctor Platform (Doctor's Directory)

In simple words, DDP is a doctor's directory. A place where all the doctors are available. In addition, along with their name, patients can also go through the doctor's qualification, specialization, registration number, and experience. This component will be the most important in the entire system, as the whole process is useless without this element.

One can search for the doctor by name or use their specialization to find the right one. For example, if someone is looking for a cardiologist, they can go to the doctor's directory and fill in their requirement. After that, the system will show them all the available cardiologists in their area. One can also book an appointment if one wants to.

Health Facility Registry

It is claimed to be a comprehensive repository of various health facilities of the country, including both traditional and modern systems of medicine. This system includes private and public health facilities, including diagnostic labs, pharmacies, clinics, hospitals, testing centres, etc.

Registration under this process will allow the health facilities to get associated with India's most extensive digital health care system.

A few benefits of HFR include the following:

  • Facility ID for identification of a specific facility.
  • Listing numerous health facilities on the system and their availability of them in the search list.
  • Access to HMIS solution and digital health record.
  • Digitalising this service can eliminate the workload of renewal and registration of licenses.


There are various NDHM factors one needs to care about while planning to register for this system. Moreover, every individual will require their government id proof and a verified contact number to get associated with the system.

This great software can help patients connect to health professionals without any issues. Now, you don't have to store all the past reports, and you can keep them safe on this system. And doctors and other health practitioners can access the reports easily to provide better care. So, if you are looking for a reliable method to keep all your records, NDHM is an excellent choice.

This article has discussed the various components of NDHM and their importance in the healthcare industry. With this system, we can see a rise in digital healthcare services and hope for a better future.


Who can register for National Health Digital Mission (NDHM)?

Anyone having citizenship in India can register for this process. One needs to make sure that they have all the documents.

What documents are required to register for National Health Digital Mission (NDHM)?

One must show their permanent address proof and Aadhar card to proceed further in the system, and they will have to share their past medical reports.

What is the National Health Digital Mission (NDHM) system based on?

With the help of this system, a patient can connect to any medical professional in this country. Moreover, they can also take various other benefits.

Is it necessary to register under the National Health Digital Mission(NDHM) process?

There is no such rule that an individual will have to register under this process, but one can ease the process by registering under this process. Moreover, they can also unlock various benefits.

Does an individual need to submit any document to register for National Health Digital Mission(NDHM)?

Yes, for the one who doesn't know, an individual needs to show one of their government ids along with their permanent address proof for verification. After the sign-up process, individuals can share their health reports to proceed further.

How will an individual benefit from National Health Digital Mission(NDHM)?

An individual can save time by not visiting the diagnostic centre multiple times on every doctor's recommendation. Moreover, you can get treatment options from various healthcare providers by just undergoing testing once. One can access their report and status. They can also get help from health professionals by sharing their reports.

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