Top Hospital Management Software

July 21, 2023

As the healthcare industry evolves, hospital management software has become essential for managing day-to-day operations. This software for hospital management solutions can help hospitals streamline workflows, improve patient care, and enhance communication between staff members. Hospitals can manage patient records, billing, scheduling, and other things, thanks to them. Additionally, it can offer insights into operational effectiveness, empowering hospitals to decide on the most effective use of their resources.

This article will consider some of the best hospital management software available in the market, their key features and other specifications.

List of Top Hospital Management Software

Here is a list of the top hospital management software in the market:

EkaCare Health Management system

EkaCare is one of the best hospital management software providers. This comprehensive software solution helps hospitals and healthcare organisations manage their daily operations more efficiently. One of the critical features of EkaCare hospital management software is its ability to streamline workflows and reduce administrative overhead.

The software also provides real-time updates on patient status and treatment plans, enabling healthcare providers to make informed decisions and provide better patient care. Additionally, EkaCare's billing and accounting modules simplify the financial management of hospitals, making it easier to track expenses, manage invoices, and generate financial reports.

Epic Systems Corporation

Epic System Corporation is another comprehensive software health company offering distinct helpful, efficient health support solutions for bridging the gap between users and healthcare professionals. This programme can manage various aspects, including patient health records, billing, and appointment scheduling. Users can also access and analyse data from other sources to better understand patterns and increase operational efficiency.

Epic's software also integrates with other healthcare systems and can provide a unified view of patient data across the continuum of care. It is popular with hospitals and healthcare organisations with features like telehealth capabilities, mobile access, and patient engagement tools.

Cerner Corporation

Cerner Corporation provides discrete software for hospital management for your organisation's needs, including revenue management, EHR support, population health management, and other helpful technology solutions. Cerner Corporation boosts productivity and enhances patient care by customising its solutions to each health organisation's needs. It provides all-inclusive, affordable solutions to help your organisation achieve its goals. Hospitals, outpatient clinics, long-term care institutions, and other organisations can use this software.

There you can access many interesting features and support options for enhancing the efficiency and transparency of the health system. Remote hosting servers enable the users to exchange data and records from their respective locations to the aligned data centres. Cerner introduced EHR- an integrated toolkit for clinical and health support needs.

Allscripts Healthcare Solutions

To assist healthcare organisations in maximising their performance, Allscripts Healthcare Solutions provides a range of integrated apps, services, and consulting. Users of this hospital management software can streamline their processes and raise the standard of care. All healthcare operations, including scheduling, billing, and prescription administration, are integrated into a system that benefits patients, providers, and administrators. It provides various products for revenue cycle management, practice management, electronic health records (EHR), and other areas.

Additionally, Allscripts Healthcare Solutions provides workflow optimisation, population health management, and patient engagement services. It offers real-time statistics and insights, empowering providers to make wise decisions.

Allscripts' population health management software, dbMotion, helps healthcare organisations connect patient data across multiple systems, identify high-risk patients, and improve care coordination.


MEDITECH offers EHR and healthcare IT solutions for hospitals and other healthcare facilities. This programme's management of patient care, medical records, finances, and billing are all functions. It provides analytics tools that support hospitals in managing operations and making judgements based on current information. Also, it can assist hospitals in lowering expenses, enhancing clinician satisfaction, and enhancing patient safety.

Additionally, this software has a simple user interface and many customisable features. No matter the size, Meditech can collaborate with any healthcare organisation. Meditech is one of the best solutions available when it comes to data security and privacy.

NextGen Healthcare

NextGen Healthcare is an American-based health support technology that develops and sells distinct health support facilities to enhance health system interoperability. NextGen Healthcare's software includes features such as patient scheduling, electronic medical records (EMR), and revenue cycle management. Many large healthcare organisations use NextGen Healthcare, including Kaiser Permanente and Mount Sinai Health System.

Its EHR software, known as NextGen Office, is designed for small and medium-sized medical practices. NextGen Office offers clinical decision support, mobile access, and patient engagement tools. NextGen Healthcare's health management software, NextGen Population Health, helps healthcare organisations identify high-risk patients, manage chronic conditions, and improve care coordination.

Infor Medisuite

Infor Medisuite, a cloud-based software solution firm, provides efficient health support solutions to various providers. The features introduced by Infor through their different solutions include appointment management, expense tracking, appointment management, inventory control, patient registration, in-patient Management System, lab Information System, Pharmacy Information System, and much more.

The EHR software from Infor Medisuite, branded as Infor Cloverleaf, is made to assist healthcare organisations in streamlining workflow and enhancing care coordination. Additionally, Infor Cloverleaf provides tools for patient engagement, mobile access, and decision support. Infor Health Analytics, a product of the corporation, aids in the identification of high-risk patients and the management of chronic illnesses.

Elixir AID

Elixir AID is an easy-to-use hospital management system offered by Elixir that incorporates various valuable features and tools required in the requisitive sector. It also allows healthcare providers to customise and manage the outlook of the software system by making some quick changes.

Elixir's health management software, Elixir AID Population Health, helps healthcare organisations identify high-risk patients, monitor and analyse population health trends, and improve care coordination. It offers healthcare organisations EHR, financial management, and patient engagement capabilities. Healthcare providers can deliver healthcare support to patients from various locations using their web-based support system.


SoftClinic GenX, offered by the SoftClinic health software provider, is an end-to-end comprehensive hospital management software that allows health professionals to make their practice paperless. The software propagates hospital information management systems and clinic information management systems that best suit the unique requirement of each hospital.

Healthcare organisations may detect high-risk patients, enhance care coordination, and manage chronic illnesses using its health management software, SoftClinic Population Health. Additionally, it offers reporting and analytics tools to assist healthcare organisations in observing trends in population health. Patient portals and billing systems are only two examples of the third-party systems that SoftClinic integrates with.

Xiphias HMS

Xiphias HMS is a state-of-the-art hospital management application that streamlines all aspects of healthcare administration. The software is designed to be user-friendly and customisable, making it suitable for healthcare providers of all sizes. Xiphias HMS provides a range of features, such as patient registration and management, appointment scheduling, billing and invoicing, inventory management, and laboratory management. These features allow healthcare providers to operate their facilities more efficiently, reducing administrative overheads and improving patient care.


Hospital management software has become essential for healthcare providers looking to improve their operations and deliver quality patient care. The online hospital management system will become critical in optimising healthcare operations and providing quality patient care as technology advances. Several hospital management software vendors are on the market, and each one offers different services to their clients.

Choosing a provider who can supply the features your healthcare facility needs is crucial. You can cut administrative costs, improve patient care, and streamline operations with the proper hospital management system.


What is top hospital management software?
The best hospital management software is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline the workflow and improve the overall efficiency of healthcare facilities. It is a web-based platform that automates hospital operations such as patient registration, appointment scheduling, medical billing, electronic medical records, inventory management, and more.

What are the key features of top hospital management software?
Top hospital management software's major key features are patient management, appointment scheduling, electronic medical records, medical billing and coding, inventory management, reporting and analytics.

How does top hospital management software benefit healthcare organisations?
The health care providers can use hospital management software in many ways to improve patient care and satisfaction by reducing wait times, errors, and administrative burden, streamlining workflow and reducing the workload on staff.

What security measures are in place to protect patient data in top hospital management software?
Top hospital management software vendors prioritise the security and confidentiality of patient data, focusing mainly on data encryption in transit and at rest, role-based access controls, audit trails and activity logs, regular security assessments and audits, and compliance with healthcare regulations such as HIPAA.

How much does a top hospital management software cost, and what are the licensing options?
The cost of India's best hospital management software varies depending on various factors. Some vendors may even charge extra for implementation, training, and support. It's essential to compare pricing and licensing options before selecting a vendor.