What Is Abha Number?

July 21, 2023

In response to the ever-increasing prevalence of digital technology all over the world, the Central Government of India has initiated the process of digitising the country's healthcare system. The aim is to provide quick and affordable healthcare and make it accessible to everyone across the country. With the intention of achieving this objective, the Government of India initiated the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM).

ABDM is also known as the National Digital Health Mission (NDHM). It was initially piloted in six Union Territories over the course of a year for testing purposes. Its mission is to provide the integrated digital health infrastructure with some of the fundamental building blocks it needs to function properly.

In addition, it provides services such as data storage and access to patient medical records, and it does so in a safe and efficient manner to support the implementation of universal health care. The Ayushman Bharat Health Account, also known as the ABHA health card, was once referred to as the Digital Health Card and was initially implemented as a component of the ABDM. Read on to understand the details of the ABHA card and its various aspects of it.

What are the Different Purposes That The Abha Card Serves?

The ABHA is a one-of-a-kind health identification card comprising 14 numbers that are generated randomly and subsequently assigned. It is known as your ABHA number. If you have an ABHA card, it will be much simpler for medical professionals and other related healthcare providers to examine and discuss your medical history.

  1. To facilitate access to medical services and information regarding physicians through the use of mobile applications.
  2. To prevent the loss of data by storing information on medical treatments and medical reports in digital format.
  3. So that licensed medical providers can view your electronic medical records when they need to.

Benefits Of Having An ABHA Card

The use of technology in the healthcare system around the world and in India is predicted to grow exponentially. This makes having an ABHA card extremely crucial. Here are the various advantages that are associated with having an abha card:

  • You will be able to digitally access, monitor, and share your medical records after registering for Ayushman Bharat.
  • You will have unhindered access to qualified medical professionals, and you will also have the ability to make appointments for medical consultations.
  • You have the ability to link your personal health information with the information on your digital ABHA Address (Health ID) card. Using this information, you may compile a detailed medical history.
  • Your doctor or any other healthcare practitioner will not be able to view your data unless you give them permission to do so. You also have the opportunity to withdraw your acceptance, which is one of the major characteristics that set it apart from similar options.

It might seem that registering for an ABHA card is a complicated process, but it is not so. To generate an NDHM card, all that is required from you is some basic information as well as the number from either your Aadhar card or your driver's license. You can also register with the phone number associated with your mobile device.

While it is not mandatory to have an ABHA card, it is recommended that you opt for it voluntarily, as it offers various benefits. In addition, if you decide to change your mind about having an abha card and want to unregister yourself from the portal, you can do so easily and uncomplicatedly.

Application Procedures And Instructions To Obtain An Abha Card

When it comes to enrolling for an ABHA card, there are three different options accessible.

  • You may check out the NDHM health records mobile app or visit the NDHM website.
  • At wellness and health institutions such as hospitals, community health clinics, or other wellness and health establishments

You also can apply for an ABHA Card via the Utilisation of an Aadhar Card: Visit the official website to generate an online version of your digital health card. You just need to go to the official website and click the option "Generate ID." Choose "Aadhar Generation," then enter your Aadhar number. Click the Submit button once you have entered your phone number. Your registered cellphone number will get a One-Time Password (OTP) in the form of a text message. Please substitute that number wherever it is needed. Please provide some basic information about yourself. Please provide a username and password in order to create your account. Please use your new username and password to log in to your account. After you have logged in, you will be prompted to provide your address information. You can use the Ayushman Card in the future if you download and store it.

Submit an application for an ABHA Card via the website: To obtain your digital ABHA card, you are required to go to a locally registered facility if you are utilizing your driver's license. Before you are allowed to enter the building, you are required to get an ID from the facility's official website. The following is a list of the steps:

  • Go to the official website, and once you're there, click the option that says "Generate ID."
  • Select "Generate ID with Driving License," and then complete the form that appears after you make your selection.
  • Make a note of your enrolment number and then click the submit button.
  • You must present yourself to a local registered institution in order to obtain your NDHM card.

Fill Out an Application for an ABHA Card Using Your Mobile Number: You can use your mobile phone number in place of your Aadhar card or driver's license if you do not have either of them on hand or if you do not wish to use them. The following procedures should be followed in order to generate an ID using a mobile number:

  • Go to the website, and when you're there, click the button that says "Generate ID."
  • Click the link that says "Click here" link under the heading "I don't have any IDs/I don't want to use my IDs for developing ABHA."
  • Simply entering your cell phone number will allow you to generate an OTP. After you have received the OTP, you should submit it.
  • Please provide your personal information, as well as a username and password, before continuing.

There are a number of benefits to having an abha card, and these benefits will only grow with time. It is one of the smartest approaches to digitising the healthcare system and will continue to be efficient and effective system when utilised by patients and their families. The use case of ABHA cards can be expanded with time, adding to its untapped potential.


 1. Do I have to register for an ABHA card physically?

No, it is not compulsory to physically register for an ABHA card at a centre as signing up, and enrollment for the ABHA card is virtual, paperless and hasslefree. However, if you wish to register for an ABHA card in person, you can visit a wellness centre or a hospital that conducts registrations for it.

 2. Do I have to submit any documents for an ABHA card?

Actually, you can submit documents to obtain an ABHA card physically. However, you will have to use your Aadhar card or driving license while registering for an ABHA card. The enrollment process for an ABHA card is paperless and can be done virtually.

 3. What are the uses of an ABHA card?

The ABHA number is a unique id which is designed to work the entire healthcare system by linking all the healthcare benefits to your ABHA card. It makes storage of patient data and healthcare details easy and secure, and accessible to you as well as your doctor. It can also be used to sign up easily for PHR.

 4. Why should I own an ABHA card?

Getting an ABHA card can dramatically increase the number of medical facilities you have access to. It will assist you in locating health centres and medical specialists and make it simple for you to exchange your medical records with physicians located anywhere in India.