What is Phr Address in Health Id?

July 21, 2023

PHR address, i.e., Personal Health Record address, is like a unique username created to avoid confusion. You should know that each username should be distinct from others, and the user itself can make it. Thus, the objective behind the self-decided usernames is that they can keep creating an id that is easy to remember for them.

People must consider what phr address means and where to create their Personal Health Records. The answer is that the health Ids are created on a secure server, and their access is provided only to the respective user. It is basically a safe and encrypted ID that is essential to maintain privacy during the sharing of medical information.

Using phr address ensures that all personal data remains safe and secure. It is also a great way to keep track of all the medical records that one might have created over time. This ensures the safety of the individual's health data in case of any emergency. It is also a great way to save time and energy while looking for medical records.
Now that you are aware of what the phr address meaning is, you must understand phr records.

What is Personal Health Record?

Personal health records are the complete record of a patient, which holds the details of the patient's health. Phr address in health id holds every single detail, such as every time the patient was taken to the healthcare for consultations, diagnoses, medications, etc.

So what Personal Health Record does is it gives a user name to distinguish it from the bunch of Health Records.

Now, health id phr Address Records can be easily created just by signing into the Health Information Exchange & Consent Manager (HIE-CM). Once it is done, you can access the consent management feature and sharing of the data.

For clarity, the Personal Health Record address looks something like this "Username@consentmanager."

Benefits of PHR address

So PHR addresses aren't just fancy. The personal health record is an instrumental component with many benefits. Let's see the different PHR benefits.

  • Enhances patient access to their Medical Records
    As already stated, the PHR address opens up the door to various tools. One of them is that patients themselves can access their medical records. In most cases, medical records are misplaced by the patient, and all the treatment has to start from the beginning, which will be hectic and life-threatening for the patient themselves.
  • Enhances communication between Different Software Providers
    Most people get treatments in more than one healthcare because for different reasons. If you have shifted from one city to another, it is a life-threatening situation. Can anyone wait for the medical history of the patient?
    Obviously, no one can wait as it will increase the risk to the patient's life. So to avoid all these, there is a smooth coordination between the different software providers.
    Now why different providers and not the health facility? It is because that different health facility uses different software. So at that level, it will become tough to transfer the report. But it is a great thing that there is a network between different software providers.
  • Bridging the Gap between Patients and Doctors
    Some cases, such as diabetes or hypertension, need a proper connection with the doctors to avoid complications. Then there are after-surgeries when patients need to be taken care of - whether the recovery is on the right track or not.
    So in all these scenarios, PHR helps as the vitals are recorded regularly, and patients can connect to the doctors without going through lengthy procedures.
  • Reduces Burden on the Administration
    When there is a unique PHR address, patients will have it in their minds all the time. Now the administration desk can find your health record just by typing your username in the search bar. This way, the administration desk's job gets easier and takes less time. So it speeds up the work at the administration unit.
  • Regular updates on the Patient's Health Condition
    Now PHR keeps recording and analysing the health condition of the patient simultaneously. If it senses anything fishy, it sends notifications to get consulted with a doctor. It can also notify you about your regular medications, follow-up checkup dates, etc. Any health-related issue will be checked and sorted out in this way.
  • Boosts the Health Infrastructure
    Health Infrastructures need to evolve every day for the betterment of Humanity. Now PHR address is one such feature that boosts the health infrastructure with its small contribution, i.e., it helps reduce patient waiting time. The data is transferred to the doctor, eliminating the long paperwork process.
  • Encourages Patients to take an interest in their health
    When patients are interested in their health, they will ask themselves what is good for their health and what is not. This way, patients' consultation with doctors will be reduced, and Doctors could give time to more severe patients. This way, it will also help the doctors to take care of severe patients without any rush. When it comes to quality of care, PHR also helps with that as it gives detailed data about the health condition, which is monitored and analysed regularly. This way, it helps the doctor to understand the situation better and provide better treatment options. Also, hospitals don't have to invest too much in paper and other resources as the data is already updated in the PHR address.

Uses of PHR address in health id

Let's take a closer look at all the uses of PHR addresses in health ids.

  • Gives detailed information on the symptoms and medications
    When one searches for the PHR address provided in the health ID, one will come across the complete details on all the prescribed medicines and injections. This way, it becomes helpful for the doctors to assess a patient's condition and what medication to allow and what not to.
  • List of complete family medical history
    It also provides you with a complete family medical history. Patients can be notified beforehand if any genetic disorder can be detected. Also, treatment can start ahead.
  • History of Hospitalisation
    It also holds the history of a patient getting hospitalised. This feature updates your hospitalisation count every time you get admitted to a hospital. This way, doctors can keep track of the patient's health.
  • Details of Allergies and Vaccines
    It also has a section dedicated to allergies and vaccines. Nowadays, everyone is allergic to something, which a doctor should know beforehand. Also, all the vaccines, whether the patient has been injected or not.

How to create a phr address in Health id?

Creating a PHR address and connecting to the health id is user-friendly. Follow the procedure to get yourself a PHR address in your Health ID.

  • Register using any Government Provided Identity.
    First, enter your details and the number given on the government id, such as the Aadhar number. You can use an Aadhar card or driving license.
  • Enter OTP to validate yourself.
    Now, ensure you have the phone number on which you will receive OTP. Now, enter OTP on the interface and click on submit.
  • PHR Address is Ready
    Your PHR address is ready and connected to your health ID card.


Every life is precious and an asset for their nation, so to protect their assets, the government has made sure that all the citizens of India are well-connected to the health facility. To do so, they have introduced the PHR address system. So do not be lazy and ignore the PHR addresses. Complete the process and give yourself a PHR address as soon as possible. Get yourself a PHR address and make sure your health is on track.


What is the role of HIE-CM?
HIE-CM plays a vital role in health care. It helps the patients manage the patient's details and also eases the process of sharing their medical history.

What are the government-driven PHR addresses registrations?
ABHA Card is the government-driven PHR address, and one should hurry and enrol.

Can't we use any other document other than Aadhar Card?
Yes, one can also use other documents, such as a driving license or Voter ID. But Aadhar cards are much easier to use in the registration process.