In recent years, the human lifestyle has been adversely affected. The last two years were like a nightmare for all of us. In recent years human life has suffered a lot, everyone was forced to stay locked in their homes, but this was the biggest problem. The biggest problem was the life-threatening virus that took countless lives and was continuously doing so. Hundreds of scientists were continuously researching the medical cure for this virus, but the virus had no cure; instead, scientists from different countries developed effective vaccines. Almost every country and the respective vaccine they developed had two doses, but the concept of the precautionary dose has recently appeared.

This precautionary dose is also known as a booster dose. This booster dose is available for all the citizens who have already taken the first 2 doses successfully. The precautionary dose boosts our immunity to a much higher level and strengthens our immune system to fight effectively against the Covid 19 virus.

The CoWIN platform is an online portal to register and schedule COVID-19 vaccination in India. The preventive dose in CoWIN refers to an additional COVID-19 vaccine administered to individuals with specific medical conditions that may compromise their immune systems. The preventive dose is meant to provide additional protection against COVID-19 for these vulnerable individuals. However, the eligibility criteria for the precautionary dose may vary depending on the type of vaccine and the specific medical condition. It is important to consult with a healthcare provider to determine eligibility and scheduling of the precautionary dose.

Benefits of Precaution dose

In the current state, we can say that the Covid-19 Virus has almost disappeared, but the danger still lies and will always do until and unless we can't eliminate this virus, and that means 100% vaccination and 0 active cases. Governments of every country are currently working on this at a rapid pace. Vaccination is at its peak in highly populated countries like India; almost 90% of adults in India are vaccinated with both doses. People are rapidly booking slots for the booster dose because none of the vaccines is 100% effective, so a booster dose is necessary.

Some of the Benefits of Precaution dose are given below:-

  1. Reduced risk of getting infected: The vaccine significantly reduces the likelihood of contracting COVID-19, and even if you do get infected, the vaccine can prevent severe illness, hospitalisation, and death.
  2. Increased immunity: The vaccine helps your body build immunity against the virus, which helps protect you and those around you.
  3. Improved public health: Widespread vaccination can help slow the spread of the virus, eventually leading to herd immunity and a return to normalcy.
  4. Reduced strain on healthcare systems: By reducing the number of severe cases requiring hospitalisation, the vaccine helps prevent overwhelming healthcare systems.
  5. Increased economic stability: By controlling the spread of the virus, the vaccine can help stabilise the economy and prevent further financial hardship.
    Getting vaccinated against COVID-19 provides significant benefits to individuals, communities, and society as a whole.
    Precaution dose is not just some boosting that isn't necessary; instead, it is an essential element that is necessary if we want to achieve the goal of 100% vaccination.

Eligibility for Precaution dose

Those who have taken vaccines earlier must know about the precaution dose eligibility. Earlier, the eligibility was complex to understand, and the main reason behind that was the over-demand for precautionary doses, but as the vaccination took pace, the demand decreased, and the complexity decreased rapidly along with it. Now the eligibility for Precaution dose is just a simple requirement. All you need to do is wait for 9 months after getting vaccinated with the first 2 doses.

The precautionary dose is available for almost all ages, including senior citizens, adults, and children below 18. You can visit your nearest public and private vaccination centres to book and get your preventive dose. One thing that you need to remember is that you should always be eligible to take a precautionary dose; if you take it while being eligible, it can affect you adversely.

Price of Precaution dose At the beginning of the pandemic, both vaccine doses were free, and in the government vaccination centres, it's still free of cost. The main aim behind making vaccination free was to ensure that every country's citizen should get vaccinated. This aim was successfully filled in India; currently, more than 90% of adults are completely vaccinated with both doses. The case with precaution dose is not the same; the government has fixed some charges for it. The first two doses for both the vaccines, Covidhield and Covaxin, are free, but some charges are fixed for the precautionary doses.

The charges are as follows:-

  1. Covaxin precaution dose price - Rupees 250 for precaution dose (extra charges up to 150 for private services).
  2. Covidhield precaution dose price - Rupees 250 for precaution dose (extra charges up to 150 for private services).
  3. Precaution dose prices in private hospitals may vary according to their services.

Precaution dose Slot booking

Booking a slot for a precautionary dose is as easy as booking a slot for any other vaccination. You can easily book your slots online, such as through COWIN's official web portal. You can also walk into the nearby vaccination centres and book a slot for yourself easily.

For online booking, follow the steps below:-

Step 1 - log into the official portal of COWIN or apply for precaution dose registration.

Step 2 - Use your phone number and OTP for verification

Step 3 - Schedule your appointment for vaccination

Step 4 - Wait for confirmation

Online Precaution dose booking is not necessary; you can book it through the nearby vaccination centres too.

Precaution dose certificate

The certificate for each dose of vaccine is available and can easily be accessed through the portal you have used for the slot booking. The certificate for the first and second doses is separate due to the difference in their time-lapse. Many public places in the country will not allow you to enter and enjoy their services until and unless you have the certificate for complete vaccination, which means both doses. The certification has become proof of your successful vaccination, and the same is with the Precaution dose certificate.

Downloading your precaution dose certificate is as simple as downloading any other certificate for the first two doses. If you have booked the slot from the COWIN web portal, then the certificate notification will be shown automatically; if not,n you can download it through Ekacare and COWIN too.


Covid-19 came as a hurricane and wiped away millions of innocent lives. People all over the globe suffered, and no one was 100 safe. It brought some good changes, too, like the animals were free to live as they pleased, wildlife flourished, and the rate of pollution also went down rapidly. Covid-19 has almost disappeared, but it has not completely vanished, and if we look forward to vanishing it, then every precaution is necessary. The precautionary dose is not just an extra precaution but instead, it's an essential element of the whole vaccination procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the Precaution dose age limit?
The age limit for precautionary doses was set earlier for adults between 18-30, but that's not the case now. With the decrease in cases, the age limit has also become flexible, so now those aged between 13-18 are also eligible for precautionary doses.

What precaution is necessary for Senior citizens?
Precaution dose boosts immunity to the next level, but its effects are quite heavy, so serious citizens must take extra precautions and care after the precautionary dose. The prevention measures after the precaution dose will allow senior citizens to stay completely out of danger. The precautions after covid vaccine 1st dose are also necessary for senior citizens.

Precaution dose vs booster dose, are they the same thing?
Precaution dose and booster dose are the same things. People refer to precaution dose as booster dose because it's what it does. Precaution or booster doses, whatever you call them, are the same.