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30 Lakh+Downloads
30 Lakh+ Downloads
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50 Lakh+ Vitals Stored
10 Lakh+ Prescriptions
10 Lakh+ Prescriptions
30 Lakh+ Assessments
30 Lakh+ Assessments
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What do you get with a health account?
Access India’s digital health ecosystem
with your ABHA address
Access India’s digital health ecosystem
A smart
health locker
to organise all your medical records
A smart %br% health locker
health profile
so you make better health decisions
Automated %br% health profile
to measure your current
health trends
Vital %br% tracking
Self health assessments
so you don’t have to Google your symptoms
Self health assessments
Participate in India’s healthcare revolution
Create ABHA & store all your medical records with Eka care (Govt of India ABDM approved PHR app)
16 Lakh+ ABHA Created
Official partner of Government of India
Participate in India’s healthcare revolution
your smart health locker
Never lose a medical record again Store, search and organise all medical records as per your convenience
Eka’s integrated approach allows you to fetch medical records from hospitals, labs, doctors and even your email!
Sync your gmail
Sync your gmail
& auto backup all your
medical records
Upload using Whatsapp
Upload using Whatsapp
Send us your document on
+91 9972088103
Upload a picture
Upload a picture
Click or upload a photo and we will scan those records automatically
Download CoWin Vaccine Certificate
Download CoWin Vaccine Certificate
Using only your mobile number
Change Mobile Number on Certificate
Add Passport Number on Certificate
your personal health profile
An automated health profile from your medical data See longitudinal vital trends, get health insights, and stay one step ahead
Get a health rating of each organ & understand risk factors
All your vital information is digitised & a trend is automatically created for easy understanding
Instant doctor connect for all your queries. Send your report to 'yourmobileno'
Are you a doctor?
Your patient’s health profile will be automatically synced in Eka’s ABDM compliant EMR
Are you a doctor?
Track your vitals & self assessments
Track your critical vitals & assess your symptoms Your body is sending you important signals about your health. Track, understand, & get
care for any concerns with trusted medical expertise in minutes.
Heart Rate
Keep track of your heart rate using Eka care heart rate monitor
Heart Rate
Blood Pressure
Cholestrol & More
What our Users said about Us
One of the best application to have in your smart device as it keeps all your health records and also helpful to the patient as they gets treatment from best doctor's
Parth Shah
Parth Shah
Medical Records Vault
One of the most convenient apps, I came across for doctor consultation in these tough times. I logged and showed interest for a consultation. It immediately blocked a slot for me with an excellent doctor available in next 10 mins and the entire experience is quite seamless. Thanks for helping in such times! 🙏🏻
Chinmay Agrawal
Chinmay Agrawal
Doctor Consultation
'Best pulse rate checking app ever. It showed exactly same reading as my smart watch with just the camera 2/3 reading was exactly precise like a 3k worth watch... Loved the app and the function'
Alen Chakkanat
Alen Chakkanat
Heart Rate Monitor
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Connected healthcare ecosystem
Did you know your doctor can now see the self assessments and records you share & get a head start on your diagnosis?
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Did you know that Eka cannot read or access your health and patient records without your permission?
FHIR, HL7, SNOMED, & LOINC enabled
No sharing of information without consent
ABDM Compliant
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