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July 21, 2023

Central and state governments in India are running the cross-nation vaccination drive, probably the most pervasive one in the history of Indian healthcare to get rid of the menace caused by coronavirus. In Govt. of India’s efforts to eradicate Covid from India, has come up with innovative solutions to support this mission.

Last month, the government released new guidelines for the integration of CoWIN with third-party applications, easing the way for tech companies to offer Covid vaccine bookings. eka is one of the first healthcare platforms approved by CoWIN to allow vaccination slot booking from their platform. The platform has integrated with CoWIN to provide a multitude of services from booking a slot to downloading your vaccination certificate.

While there are a lot of amazing solutions being built in the space, we have come up with few innovative solutions to current users problems. eka app users can now:

The app is designed for India. It's available in 9 different languages to cater to nations diverse user base:

Available in 9 different indian languages

Steps to get Vaccinated with

It is absolutely easy to book your Covid Vaccination Slots on

STEP 1 - Download the app

Download the app from playstore or App store and Find "Check Vaccine Availability" card on the home screen.

STEP 2 - Registration:

Every member who wishes to get vaccinated should register using their mobile number and authenticated OTP from CoWIN. Eka.Care is approved by CoWin so you can do all these inside the Eka App itself.

STEP 3 - Choose Location:

Select your location and choose the distance you want to travel to get vaccinated. A nifty feature that can help you find the vaccination center and availability based on your current location.

STEP 4 - Select Slot & Confirm Booking: shows you relevant centers depending on the dose, type of vaccine, age, and fee type. Select from the list of various vaccination centers, choose your preferred slot, and confirm.

Step 5 - Get Vaccinated

Show up at the vaccination center and use your “appointment slip” which is securely saved in health locker and #breakthechain

I got vaccinated, Now What?

Post Vaccination Medical Support is your single stop for all covid or vaccine-related information. There might be certain side effects post-vaccination. To understand your symptoms better, take’s “Post Vaccination Assessment” and get in touch with Doctors 24x7 via video consultations.

Download CoWin Certificate

Once you’re done with both your vaccination doses, the CoWin certificate becomes one of the most important documents for your domestic and international travels. Download your CoWin certificate on app or WhatsApp and store it in a secure vault for future reference purposes.

Download on App and Secure it in a safe vault:

Download on WhatsApp at:

It is proven that vaccination can improve your chances of survival by 90% if you get both doses of the vaccine. Hence, get vaccinated to protect yourself as well as your family from the deadly virus. Book your slot now by downloading the app.

It is high time that we take charge of our own as well as our family’s medical needs and is here to help you do that.