Download ABHA Health Card - Complete Guide

July 21, 2023

It is quite a hassle for people to carry their medical documents from one place to another every time they visit a hospital for some medical check-up. So, to ease some pressure on the citizens, the Indian government introduced the ABHA card to the people.

The ABHA card is a digital health identity card that can store all the medical documents of Indian citizens effectively and efficiently. The ABHA health card contains a 14-digit unique identification number that the citizens of India can easily access from any part of the country without facing any problem whatsoever. The card stores an individual's medical documents, including their medical history, tests, treatments, reports, and more. The government of India has made the process of downloading an ABHA health card quite simple.

Benefits of ABHA Card

Let us know look at the various benefits of the ABHA card that Indian citizens would enjoy if they choose to opt for ABHA card registration digitally: -

Easy to access

The first and foremost benefit of ABHA registration is the respite it provides to Indian citizens from carrying hard copies of the medical documents belonging to their previous medical history. The patients gather many test results, prescriptions, and reports whenever they visit a doctor for a check-up which piles up to a considerable amount.

However, if you share the details of your ABHA health card, the authorities can access your medical history effectively without looking at the hard copies. For example, suppose you should have remembered to carry some important documents to the hospital. In that case, you wouldn't have to worry if you are an ABHA card holder as it would contain every bit of information about your medical health.

Only requires a card number.

When carrying an ABHA id card, you would not have to share all the related documents to let the doctors know about your medical history. All you need to do is share the unique card number you received while signing up for the ABHA health card, by which the doctors can easily access all the information regarding your medical history. In addition, you can ask the doctor to upload their medical prescription for your treatment directly to the ABHA card for later use.

Get complete information about the doctors.

Nowadays, there are lots of cases where doctors need to be up to the patients' standards. But unfortunately, this often leads to disappointment after spending so much money on the treatment. Ultimately, if you have to take double treatment for the same problem, your expenses would skyrocket due to such unprofessional work.

However, if you have an ABHA card, you can easily refer to the details of all the doctors present for your treatment effectively. Additionally, the doctors registered under Healthcare Professional Registry can effectively be viewed by patients looking for a specific treatment category.

In-depth information about the hospitals and clinic

In such a vast country like India, finding excellent hospitals and clinics is often difficult for patients. Moreover, due to the rise in medical expenses, the cost of availing treatment is also increasing at an alarming rate. However, you can find hospitals or small clinics if you choose to have an ABHA health card.

They would provide good treatment to the patients at the minimum cost possible. You can easily access the Health Facility Registry. From here, all the information regarding hospitals and clinics would be presented to pick anyone out.

A wide range of treatments is available.

You might be wondering that through an ABHA card, you can get treatment at large private hospitals and clinics and not any other place present in India. Then you need to be corrected on that aspect. Are you willing to try out different modes of treatment other than the conventional way the patients prefer?

You can do so as the ABHA card offers AYUSH facilities to all India citizens. These are people who hold the ABHA card in their hands. Ayurvedic, Yoga, Unani, Siddha, and Homoeopathy are all different kinds of treatment you can easily avail. So it's if you are looking for some other treatment for yourself.

Moreover, this treatment category doesn't have many side effects on the body. Besides, this is in comparison to the traditional way of medicine the doctors present.

Subsidies for treatment

ABHA cardholders will also be entitled to several subsidies when availing of the medical treatments. This means that medical expenses will be much lower than before. You can even help with these subsidies when visiting a private hospital or clinic for your treatments.

Furthermore, cardholders are also eligible to get specific discounts on health insurance policies. This will help them cover their medical bills during an emergency.

Eligibility of ABHA Card

Some criteria you need to fulfill, and essential documents should be in your possession. They are required to be eligible to apply for the ABHA health card effectively. Let us look at those things one by one in the points mentioned below: -

  • You need to be a citizen of India.
  • Aadhaar number
  • PAN number
  • Verified or valid mobile number
  • Driving license number

Apply for an ABHA Card

Here are some of the simple steps mentioned below that you need to follow for applying the ABHA card for yourself:

  • For your first step, you need to visit the official portal of the ABHA card and then click on it to enter the website.
  • Once you are within the ABHA health card download website, a homepage will pop up in front of your eyes from where you need to find the created ABHA number and click on it.
  • On clicking that option, you will be required to create a new ABHA number by providing either the Aadhaar card or driver's license.
  • When you apply for the ABHA card through an Aadhaar card, you need to provide the correct Aadhaar number at the blank asking for it and then click on the I agree with option.
  • As soon as you finish the above step, you will be required to undergo the Aadhar verification process by filling in some details about yourself to authenticate your identity.
  • If you can complete the following steps and finish with your profile successfully, then a unique ABHA number will be created for you.

Download ABHA Card

To download your ABHA card successfully, follow the steps that are given below: -

  • For the first step, you need to visit the ABHA health card provider's official website and click to open it.
  • When you are on the homepage, click on the login button. It's below the question asking if you already have an ABHA number.
  • Now, type your registered mobile number or the ABHA number per your preference.
  • If you choose to log into the portal using the ABHA number, you should also provide the correct information regarding your date of birth.
  • Later, you could come across a continuation option. You need to click to look at the details of the ABHA card.
  • Once you have completed all the given steps, you can download the ABHA card by clicking on the ABHA health card download option mentioned there.


The ABHA health card is an excellent initiative taken by the Government of India to provide quality healthcare services on a low budget. It offers benefits like subsidies, discounts, and easy access to healthcare facilities. It is worth considering if you need professional medical care at a cheaper cost. The steps mentioned above will help you to get your ABHA card quickly. However, it is essential to remember that the eligibility criteria must be met to avail of these benefits.


Is Aadhaar mandatory to create an ABHA number?

No, the mandatory requirement of an Aadhaar card is there to generate an ABHA number. However, you can voluntarily use an Aadhaar card instead of a mobile number or other information. It would be required to create an ABHA number.

Can I use ID documents other than Aadhaar for ABHA number creation?

You can use your verified personal mobile number or driving license to create the ABHA number. So it's if you are not willing to use your Aadhaar number.

Is my ABHA number unique?

Everyone who signs up for their ABHA card gets a unique number created by the website. It's done using a combination of their mobile number or Aadhaar number, respectively.

How long will the registration for the ABHA number take?

The registration for the ABHA number would take you approximately 10 minutes. This includes filling up the basic details, mobile number, or Aadhar number.